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“Do you Work for Her?”

My mom was once beautiful, and academically talented. Now, years of chain cigarrette smoking,coke guzzling, bouts of mental illness,unemployment and trauma have caught up to her. When visiting her I clean her house, and then we walk to the convienence store to buy her some more coke. When we get to the counter my mom asks for ciggarettes and the storekeeper asks me if I work for my mom. I am her daughter I reply, and the storekeeper is surprised at the contrast between me and my moms, now disheveled appearance. …

“If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gon’ love somebody else?” -Rupaul

The first time I learned about self-sabotage as dumb as it sounds was through watching Rupaul’s Drag Race (cheaper than therapy). Inevitably at some point midway through the show some queens start to develop self doubt in their abilities under the high pressure and competition. They speak of the inner voices to themselves that tell them they are not good enough, or worthy of success.

Though, I’m no psychologist in an armchair way becoming aware of ways that myself and people in general can sabotage…

The overemphasis on GPA in the higher education system in North America is creating anxious and fear fueled young adults. Who do not get to try new things in their youth.— Reducing grit and resiliency.

When I took my first exam for my masters degree in The Netherlands I was quite shocked at my classmates questioning,

“Did you pass? Congratulations!”

As someone who grew up in North America the concept of failing or even achieving a subpar grade, brings great shame and I felt almost insulted by this question — why aim for passing when you should aim to do…

Just to add the point of the argument , it is not that "white people cannot experience downward mobility". The point is what explains this statistical difference, when making a statistical model different variables get accounted for. By comparing people born with the same socioeconomic status you are in effect controlling for this confounding factor. Thus the scientist are making the point that prejudice has a role in "who gets a seat at the table" on a population level. Sorry if that was not made clear in the text . Individuals can always be exceptions . For an analogy to…

You put into words (not specific to Ruth Bader Ginsberg) alot of my feelings in terms of 'neoliberal feminism', which I would not know how to express so poignantly. So thank you for this. I would consider myself idealistically a socialist, but also a pragmatist. When we speak and write about eliminating the current, capitalistic system that expoits the poor and marginalized people what system would we use to 'replace' the old system per se? And at what rate? what policies or systems would you think would be put into place that would eradicate the exploitation of the vulnerable?

I do not know who needs to hear this but it’s normal to not have it all figured out by now just keep going, or re-route if need be.

Turning 25, like many of my friends in this age range, had made me question all my life choices up to this point. Not only that but I came to the slow realization, that most ‘adults’ do not have it all figured out — we are all just floating on a big rock making the best out of whatever god given talents (or lack thereof), and situation we were dealt with, and that’s okay.

Being Mediocre is Normal and it is Enough

The very definition of mediocre is encompassing of what most people are. The world would not function as…

‘Love is as love does. Love is an act of will — namely, both an intention and an action… We do not have to love. We choose to love.” — Bell Hooks

When I was 21 I moved abroad for love, 4 years later I was left for the girl he told me ‘not to worry about’.

I could sit here and say it is a cautionary tale to warn your daughters about. In some ways it is.

Yet, in hindsight, if I were to turn back time, I’d do it again.

I grew up white and poor, but still believe I benefitted from white privilege

I grew up poor, and white in a subsidized housing unit. Most of my childhood friends who grew up in the same housing complex, and my first crushes were black. As a young adolescent I felt normal enough, since everyone around me grew up in the same circumstances and there was a strong bond between friends and a tie to the community, that I have not experienced in the same way while climbing up the ‘class ladder’.

I enjoyed my childhood despite not having a lot, and if anything felt quite alienated, when I first moved to a middle-class town…

Capitalism as we know it — is dead

At the beginning of the pandemic in Europe last Febuary, I disheartendly espoused the sentiment;

‘if you can’t beat em, join em’.

Through my knowledge of the Typhus pandemic, I knew that pandemics hit the poor the hardest. And that history generally repeats itself.

And it did — the Corona pandemic hit the working class and poor the hardest pushing them further into debt, while the 1% who owns 44% of the worlds wealth, and billionaires became richer.

I continued my short capitalistic stint, by listening to the Rich Dad Poor Dad…

Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) is an illness among many that the body may succumb to, and to which all bodies are vulnerable. Notwithstanding the fact that few are immune to it, it is distinctive in that it prevails among marginalized groups that time and again who lack political clout.

Given this, there are inequities that exist as to how HIV and AID’S gets represented and by whom it is represented. Such inequities sanction a misrepresentation that affects who gets included and excluded in terms of social and medical supports (Sturken).

This is present in many contexts whether it be at…


I am an Epidemiologist/Sustainable Development specialist, sub-elite runner, and this is my creative outlet hope it is enjoyable/interesting to some people :D !

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